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adnan ahmed
May 26, 2021

Sokrio DMS: Leading Distribution management system in Bangladesh

The distribution management system is the process where the distribution of products from manufacturers to dealers is monitored. Every business that has a retail sales team needs a proper distribution system in order to oversee the movement of goods. A Distribution Management System (DMS) is designed to collaborate between manufacturer, dealer, and retailer so that orders are properly fulfilled and distribution is smoothly running. It also helps a manager to analyze data and predict future challenges and growth opportunities for the business. It is a 360-degree system that incorporates all the measures for maintaining a distribution channel. For this reason, companies are longing to implement distribution management software to track their sales channel from a single point of source.

Sokrio DMS has a wide range of features and due to this, it is leading the distribution management system in Bangladesh

What is Field Force

A field force refers to the agents, managers, and executives who work for a particular company where their main goal is to generate sales through different channels.

In the retail sales channel, Field Force refers to the sales representative who visits retail stores and outlets to collect orders. Depending on the orders taken by field force, the products are distributed to the retail stores from dealers end.

What are the key features that should be included in a distribution management system?

A proper Distribution management system should have industry-oriented features aligned with supply chain monitoring features. The KPIs integrated into the software should focus on productivity, effectiveness, cost reduction of distribution operations, reduce delivery time, and automate the distribution cycle. Along with this, it will also increase revenue and return on investment.

Unfortunately, many DMS fail to provide this broader goal of the business and focus on very generic parameters. A Traditional distribution management system lacks the vision of modern distribution parameters and has obsolete features which do not aim to achieve the company’s advanced goals.

On the other hand, the Distribution management system from Sokrio Technologies, known as Sokrio DMS, is modern software that focuses on individual industry-based retail sales channels. Its goal is to provide the right solution and bring efficiency in distribution business operations.



Let’s have a look at Other tradition DMS VS Sokrio DMS





Traditional distribution management system:

  • Not easy for everyone to use, Need to have some technical knowledge
  • There is a lack of market survey and market insight analysis
  • Complexity in user interface(UI),which make it difficult to navigate
  • Non customizable features

Sokrio Distribution management system:

  • Do not need any technical ground to use it
  • Exquisite market survey and market insight feature for competitor analysis
  • Simple user interface(UI),easy to navigate
  • Highly customizable for every other industry value chain

Here are the Key utilities of Sokrio Distribution Management System:



Interactive Live Dashboard and real time sales data

Instant access to real-time data of field force. This feature is very powerful which enables top management to see exactly what numbers have been achieved by the sales team and helps you to analyze the market deeper than before with detailed and segregated datasets. It consists of Daily invoice amount, outlet visit, target vs achievement, and many more core parameters accessible from a single location to easily understand the sales performance. This dashboard gives strong control over faster decision making thus achieving targeted revenue.

Automated Processing for faster operations

Sokrio distribution management system focuses on faster processing of different sales stages and operations. Keeping this in mind, it has features like invoice automation, payment collection, and delivery management. Sokrio app allows salespersons to make automated invoices against any order from clients. The order invoice is then automatically sent to the dealer’s end and after successful delivery, it shows delivery status-completed and also notifies the paid bill along with dues. This is how Sokrio automates important parameters to clear the visibility of the sales channel.

Easy Employee tracking both online and offline

This is an exquisite feature that focuses on monitoring employees’ visits to the market and outlets. While making sales calls the SRs check into the outlets and take orders through the application. For a manager, it is extremely important to know the ratio of productive calls against the total visit, that is the number of invoice generated versus total outlet visits. With the help of Sokrio DMS, managers can see how productive the sales representatives are during their working hours. So, to find out what they are doing and to make sure that they are not wasting their time and effort in any unproductive activity.

Interesting fact: ‘Sokrio DMS has both online and offline check in option’

Route planning and scheduling

Every day of a sales rep is hectic and without a proper plan of market visit, it gets worse. Route planning is the way they usually decide on how to move from point A to point B, to make the most use of time and visit the highest number of retail outlets. Pre-planning routes and scheduling weekly market visits to make salespeople move efficiently and cut drive time. It provides more control over working hours so that more productivity and sales can be achieved.

Inventory Tracking and monitoring primary & secondary sales:

Inventory management and monitoring primary & secondary sales with sokrio DMS

Primary sales are the sale made from the company/manufacturer to the Distributor and secondary sales is the sale from distributor to retailer. Sokrio Distribution Management System automates and monitors a company’s primary and secondary sales operations, establishing coordination between field-level salespeople and different sales outlets. If primary and secondary sales are not properly managed, it directly affects sales thus the company revenue. So, managing sales is considered to be the core operation of any company. With Sokrio DMS, companies can track and monitor their inventory and streamline their distribution sales channel. As a result, the company, and its distributors and retailers all come into a common visibility platform under Sokrio DMS.

Virtual retail audit and inspection:

It’s necessary to keep track of product stocks and match those data with manufacturers’ warehouses. Virtual retail audit eliminates the requirement of physically visiting a large number of dealer and retailer houses and saves a huge amount of time. It also cuts down the existing practiced WhatsApp-based reporting and ensures proper storage of historical reports that are available to the managers on the requirement. With the Sokrio Distribution system, virtual audits of retail products can be easily handled. As a result of data inspection, the gap between available and out of stock products can be analyzed and sorted at different times of the year.

Retail outlet mapping: 

One of the key features that sokrio brings is a retail mapping system. The software maps all retail location points and their name,category,phone number etc to locate that as a retail sales point. As a result, now the company can know how many retail points are there in a particular territory/area and how many of them are selling their product. Through this process, any company can increase their product availability in the market and take many important decisions.

Trade Promotion Management and detail specification of product:

Trade promotion is the marketing activity of a company to retail sellers to promote the product. Here, companies offer discounts or give free products as an add-on along with the main product. Through Sokrio DMS, companies can run separate promotional campaigns for multiple products in multiple markets at a go. The advantage of this feature is that sales representatives don’t have to remember what offers are available for any particular product. All he needs is to just log in to Sokrio mobile app and see all the promotional offers in suggestion format. Product details like packaging, size, weight, color, etc. are also available in the app to make salespersons equipped with everything they need while they are approaching clients.

Market insight through market survey and market intelligence:

Market insight through market survey and market intelligence with distribution management system

From market surveys, sales representatives can collect information about companies and different products from various retailers and other marketing channels. Moving forward, they can use market intelligence by collecting data to analyze the market situation, competition, customer insight, brand visibility and many more vital aspects. Getting access to important market details is very crucial to understanding ongoing market trends or tactics. Market intelligence helps to make faster data-driven decisions to ensure long-term business growth.

Dedicated Customer Center Support: 

Sokrio believes that customer satisfaction is the core principle of business and so, it provides excellent customer support to its clients. The customer-centric approach helps to create a bridge of good relationships between the company and the service provider. Sokrio aims to provide the best support and create this bond with its clients in order to make a sustainable win-win partnership.

Worldwide Accessibility:  

The world is now surely understanding how important remote accessibility is during the pandemic. Sokrio DMS works on a global cloud-based online platform, accessible from any location of the world. To access remotely into Sokrio DMS it only requires a suitable device and an active internet connection, and it’s all ready to go. This helps to get into necessary data anytime and make decisions from anywhere!

Distribution management system in Bangladesh


Final Words:

Integrating a distribution management system into your sales channel for increasing productivity and effectiveness should be considered as an investment. Sokrio DMS offers a ready to launch SaaS-based model for instant streamlining of your distribution channel. It gives customization options for every other industry in order to make it business-oriented.

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