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Effectively Coverage Outlets
March 2, 2023

Importance of Effectively Coverage Outlets in Retail Sales

Distribution Management Systems can play an important role in retail sales. A sales team, sales Officer (SO), or Sales Representative (SR) is involved with product retail sales where individual customers are the main assets of the business. Every business goal is to reach customers effectively and quickly with their brands, products, or services.  In this case, effective coverage outlets can play an important role in your distribution business. Effective Coverage is an important term for all businesses that are related to retail sales directly. It is also called ECO. ECO stands for Effectively Coverage Outlets or Effective Coverage.

Effective Coverage Outlets

What are Effective Coverage Outlets?

Effective Coverage of Outlets(ECO) is how many outlets of a route, area, or market out of the total targeted outlets have generated a minimum of one memo. It is measured by a particular date range (e.g. day, week, month, etc.). With the help of ECO, a company can measure SR/ SO performances, total sales, and active outlets. If the SR/SO can fulfill the visit to his all targeted outlets successfully and try to generate sales in every outlet in retail sales, then his effective coverage is complete.

Measuring Effective Coverage of Outlets (ECO) is extremely important to increase business growth, retail sales, revenue, and profit, along with measurement of SR/SO overall performances, measuring this parameter is also important in monitoring, tracking, and keeping a balance between demand and stock, and many more. Measuring ECO manually is a daunting task and virtually impossible to calculate on a daily basis. Having suitable software is the only sustainable solution to this requirement.

distribution management system

Sokrio Technologies has its flagship product Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS to grow your retail sales, distribution management, and Effective Coverage of Outlets.

Why Is ECO (Effectively Coverage of Outlets) Important?

Effective Coverage of Outlets is a crucial indicator for any business’s sales-related activities. It can help to increase the product sales and accountabilities of the SR in the retail sales scenario. When an SE/SR can cover all the targeted outlets over time and generates orders from a minimum satisfactory number of outlets, he/She is considered to have achieved the ECO target successfully. A successful Effective Coverage can bring the following key benefits for any business.

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1. Reach Targeted Sales

Effective Coverage can increase the product’s sales effectively. When a SE/SR can generate invoices from all covered outlets, it can help to maximize retail sales directly. Effectively Coverage Outlets are more beneficial for rural areas to build a good relationship between a sales representative and retailer.

2. Create Brand Awareness

Effective Coverage can increase brand-based sales by ensuring regular outlets visit of an SR. A Sales Representative knows brand-based demands and needs between Customers and retailers very well. He also knows which brand’s products have more or fewer sales and which area or route has more sales.

Brand building

Effective Coverage methods can play a vital role in brand promotional activities by selling low-demanded brands.

3. Increase Retail Sales 

Effective Coverage can help to increase your business’s retail sales. The authority can monitor and track sales activities, product demand, stock, sales representative performance, brand-based selling parameters, and sales. The higher authority can know the retailer’s opinion, and outlet selling performances easily through measuring Effective Coverage parameters.  

Effectively Coverage Outlets

4. Increase Lower Demand Products Sales

When an SR/SO can fulfill Effective Coverage, it can create a scope to increase the lower-demanded product sales. When a sales team member successfully visits his all targeted outlets, he can easily offer low demanded brands or products to all retailers. Which enhances the possibility of the sale of low-demanding products by multiple times than before.

5: Increase The Accountability of The SR/SO 

Effective Coverage is an important element of measuring the SR/SO activities’ daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performances. When the SR/SO can know that all their activities are monitored and tracked by the authority, then it creates an invisible competition between the sales representatives. 


Everyone would like to give their best. Suppose X and Y Two S/R have to target 50 outlets a day. X can visit 40 outlets and get 20 orders; Y can fulfill 45 with 25 orders. X can fulfill 80% Effective Coverage Outlets. On the other side, Y can complete 90% of Effective Coverage. If both S/R can complete the 100% Effectively Coverage Outlets the company’s sales will reach the targeted rate and can increase the sales team’s accountability as well.

6. Lead in Competition

There are various companies running in the market with the same products and brands. The big industrial company spent a huge budget on promotional campaigns. They have various different sales strategies to grow their business. Besides, they adopt different ways through sales representatives to increase their sales network.

Business compitition

When your Sales Representatives do not visit all their outlets, the competitors take the opportunity and create their relationship with the outlets that are not visited by your SR. This increases the possibility of a loss of outlets from your sales area.

Disadvantages of The Lack of Effectively Coverage Outlets

Effectively Coverage outlets can increase the SR/SO sales performance, retail sales, business accountability, and profitability. There are also disadvantages of ECO not being followed effectively. A distribution business never reaches its targeted sales if it cannot monitor and track the retail sales activities effectively.

The SR/SO can perform may low, have no interest in trying to increase sales, and may not visit all outlets. They can meet their Daily Sales target even if they do not visit all outlets. As a result, competitors can take the opportunity and extend their relationships and sell their goods to the outlets not visited by your sales team.

Business success tips


Effectively Coverage Outlets (ECO) can bring your business success by increasing sales through monitoring SRs’ daily movement to the outlets. It is helpful to make a gross profit in your distribution business. You can easily and quickly monitor and track the total SR Effective Coverage Outlets parameters by using the Sokrio Dashboard with less effort. It can help you to take instant improvement steps when it’s necessary to improve your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Effectively Coverage Outlets

What is the Effective Coverage actually?

Effective Coverage is the visited number of outlets out of the total targeted outlets by an SR/SO in retail sales. It is an important finding in FMCG for retail sales.

Is the Sokrio Dashboard helpful for ECO?

Yes, the Sokrio Dashboard is unique, different, helpful, and smart to monitor, track, and measure your retail sales activities effectively. The Sokrio ECO dashboard will help you to measure your SR’s effective coverage so easily.






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