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Manage your Distribution Channel
adnan ahmed
February 1, 2022

How Sokrio Manages your Distribution Channel Smoothly

Any product that is manufactured, makes a far and wide rugged journey to reach its final destination. This is likewise the scenario of every product that is sold in retail outlets. It makes its way towards the shelves of retail shops through a defined or non defined distribution channel. Depending on the distribution channel’s efficiency a product’s time to reach a retail shop gets higher or lower as well as the operational expenses. 

Why it is important to organize your distribution channel:

There are many intermediaries when it comes to managing a distribution channel. These intermediaries play an important role in terms of time management and effectiveness of the distribution channel. As orders are taken and sent to dealers and then products are delivered to retail stores, here supply chain operation plays a crucial role in how orders are processed. If the operating gap between the manufacturer, trader, and retailer isn’t minimized, it’s impossible for any distribution channel to maximize efficiency. As a result, there will be late deliveries and high operational costs, which will ultimately lead to an increase of the product price and a failure to fulfill customer expectations.


For this reason, an organized distribution channel is crucial to maximizing product reach and increasing revenue.

Features of Sokrio DMS to organize your distribution channel?

Features of Sokrio DMS

Features of Sokrio DMS have been built up in order to maximize your sales channel efficiency and streamline your distribution channel. These features assist the sales team in managing their daily activities. The following are a few of them: 

Holistic system:

Sokrio DMS is  a highly customizable distribution management software that comes up with the option of additional development to match industry oriented functions and features. As a result, enterprises will always have the freedom to integrate the needs of automation according to their cup of tea. 

Automation of business processes of companies allows them to effectively conduct operational activities structurally at the level of sales representatives, operators, warehouses, logistics, etc. These activities set a structured process for both distribution channel and sales team.

Management reporting: 

In order to see the real picture of the business in the company and to further apply corrective measures a proper management reporting is the way to establish it. The reports for different layers of hierarchy can be obtained by clicking a button, and the format can also be modified if necessary. Management at different levels now has the ability to see how sales reps are doing within their territories. 

Data processing: 

The processing of data is one of the most vital operational activities in our day and age. An organized and simple process for managing large amounts of data allows for faster decision making. The prospect of increasing sales becomes more feasible with such indicators.

Build standardized sales process:

By creating a workflow in the operational levels, the distribution management system aligns your sales process. Having a clear, detailed sales system ensures your sales team follows a set of logical steps.

Business and sales analytics: 

Forecasting of customer demand based on historical data analysis. It is possible to forecast the number of orders, the volume of products sold, the time of delivery, the location of warehouse storage, etc.

Retail outlet data: 

retail outlet data

Sales representatives gather customer information like their location, contact number, product preferences etc etc. This information allows them to better understand customers and make decisions based on this knowledge. Aside from this, this data can be used up sell and cross and also for route planning.

Improvement in business: 

With the help of sokrio, it is possible to manage aspects of inventory management, warehouse operations, including stock data (pending, delivered, available stocks data) etc.

Activity tracking

Monitoring operations performed in the inventory, including the details of products, their category, brand and batch no which the product belongs to. You can view the product history of available brands, as well as what products are selling more and what products are selling less.


What value does it adds to your business:

What value does it adds to your business

Integrating a DMS into your distribution channel makes your company’s distribution operations easier. This eases many patches of manually adjusting the cycle. Here are some values that Sokrio adds to your business: 

Collection and processing of orders

Collecting and processing of orders are now easier than ever. With the Sokrio App in hands , You can take order from any retail outlet and send it to dealers approval. When it is ready for dispatch, dealers will ship the product and retailers will pay the bill once they receive the product. After that, the status of delivery and payment will be updated. If you wish, an alert can be sent via SMS at each stage.

Order fulfillment

Sokrio helps you fulfill orders in the most efficient manner. Using the app’s features, you can track shipments, view invoices, check availability of products, create purchase orders, and generate shipping labels.

Inventory management

With Sokrio, you can easily manage your inventory. You can update stock levels, add items to cart, change prices, and perform other functions. There, you are well aware of your stocks and send reps to sell the products which have high levels of stocks.

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting

The system stores all the transaction history that occurred through the app. Based on historical data, you can estimate the amount of sales and revenue that will occur in the next few months.

Distribution control

With the help of this software, you can easily get all the necessary data, which will allow you to accurately organize distribution activities. You can easily control your distribution channels with the information on delivery times, locations, stock updates, dealer requisitions, and product returns.

Supply chain management

In addition to the standard features of the software, there are also unique functions such as automatic assignment of outlet visits, the ability to create multiple delivery routes, payment notification and so on. By incorporating all of this data into one location, Sokrio allows you to make necessary changes in real-time.

Financial operations

An effective financial operation system allows you to monitor all aspects of financial activity throughout the distribution channel. Using this system, you can set both dealers and retailers credit limit, check their used and available credit limit. 

Financial operations An effective financial operation system allows you to monitor all aspects of financial activity throughout the distribution channel. Using this system, you can set both dealers and retailers credit limit, check their used and available credit limit. 


A company with a large dealer network / distribution system as well as thousands of retail outlets where your products are being sold may find it challenging to get them synchronized. Sokrio DMS eliminates the need to manually perform all these activities and allows automation to do it for you. The system simplifies, organizes, and streamlines your sales and distribution channel, making them easier and more hassle-free. 

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