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adnan ahmed
June 9, 2021

Real time dynamic dashboard of Sokrio DMS: An ideal distribution management system dashboard

A dashboard is an interface which visualizes the key metrics of a software, app or website in real time. IT breaks the KPI/metrics into a set of data, showing the desired goals. From there, by using various functions, users can see how different targeted activities are progressing over the time e.g day, week, month or year and make powerful analysis, planning and reporting functions supporting users in their daily business.

Any product based business has many ends too meet and without a proper software this is quite impossible as well as time consuming. So, a proper distribution management system dashboard is essential for any distribution business.

Sokrio DMS system has its own dashboard to satisfy the user’s goals. It contains data about sales and distribution channels aligned with the target set by the sales manager. From there the sales manager can see the performance of his team or any individual. There are several metrics that are displayed in the dashboard, e,g  target vs achievement, total revenue generated, total outlets visit, total invoice making etc etc metrics which updates in real time for any input given by field force. 

Why a Real Time Dashboard is Necessary For your Business:

As a business owner or sales manager you don’t want lots of unnecessary data on your table where you need to dig in and find what’s in it for you. Here the need is simple, which is to see the key metrics of your business at one place in the easy to understand way. It enables users  to see the goals and achievements and track it on a day to day basis.

Real time dashboards make it possible to keep a good overview on important numbers  and help the decision makers to make quick decisions at a glance. The dashboard can be used for every possible scenario in which (important) business processes take place. Your business will benefit from process optimization when you utilize dashboards. 

How does the Sokiro dashboard keep your business up to date?

Sokrio DMS has a unique real time dashboard for your business that plays a key role in measuring the success of the company. It provides information on whether a previously defined goal is being achieved or not. It stores the information/necessary data and shows it visually in the form of a chart or graph in an appealing way. The users can access it globally anytime. Many queries like,

Are your sales reps visiting the market properly?

What is the total invoice amount of today?

How much time is it taking to deliver the product after order?

are hard to track so instead of relying solely on time-consuming monitoring by employees, paper reports or cumbersome excel spreadsheets, viewing all the necessary metrics by this dashboard captured by the machine is much more efficient, accurate, and clearly visible.

Features of Sokrio DMS Dashboard:

Sokrio DMS is divided into 2 platforms. One is Web based and the other is mobile app based. The web-based platform is for business owners or higher management members, and the mobile app is for field force. Whenever an input is updated on the mobile app, it is updated in real time on the web platform.

The dashboard is divided into several segments:

1. Instant data analysis: 

This part represents the daily activity of a sales team. There are multiple real time metrics in this segment of the dashboard of the whole field force. This appears in several rows and columns  where both  past and daily target vs achievement is shown graphically by different criterias. For deeper analysis more relevant information like number of invoices vs  number of stores/outlets  visited, and many other metrics to evaluate the performance of the field force has also been integrated in this part of the dashboard. This is a very powerful tool to see the overall daily performance of the sales team at a glance.

2. Data filtration as per category: 

This segment is  for distinguishing data in a more filtered way. You can identify customized sales data of a particular territory according to your filtered priorities. There are options to filter it for more categories and narrow it as you want to. Applying those filters helps you to analyze and make quick inspections of data according to the selected category. 

3. Business growth over the time : 

As companies or business owners want to know how the business is growing over the time, this feature is really a vital one to evaluate this. It enables users to see the increase of sales  for a selected time range. Furthermore, there is an option to see the growth of different categories over time same as mentioned in the second feature. It is also possible to see which products have the highest selling and which have fewer sales. Growth is a strategic indicator for every business which is used to determine the success of the company.

The Real time dashboard of Sokrio DMS is always on  improvement and it is a constant process. We try to satisfy users’ demand thus making this product a robust one to ease the complications of retail sales channels in every possible way.  We request you to keep a close eye on our website to get updates of our latest features that are in progress to be published.

How does this Dashboard Benefit your Business:


Specific indicators for sales alignment:

It gives you various indicators to measure the activity of your business and sales team. You have economic indicators like payment collection, human indicators like number of market visits and monitoring indicators like business growth to see how things are moving.

Gives most relevant information:

The dashboard allows you to visualize  and interpret relevant information through it in a visually appealing way.  To simplify the analysis, the numbers have been restricted so that most revenue-generating activities can be taken into account.

Business process improvement:

By making use of this dashboard, business can be managed in a constant improvement process. Therefore, successful initiatives within the company are seen more clearly, and undesirable developments are dealt with more rapidly.

Customizable and filterable categories:

The dashboard can be customized for different industries based on their requirements. As a result , users will be able to gain more control over their business and sales force and see personalized metrics in the dashboard.

All data displayed at one central location:

It allows you to see data at a center place of different indicators from different sources. As a result a user can keep track of various processes that are relevant to each other. From there, he can find gaps of various processes from a single point of source.

distribution management system dashboard

Round off:

Entering into Sokrio DMS dashboard means you are going to see all the important numbers of your business and sales force at one place. It is a dynamic tool to keep you updated of your sales distribution channel in real time and displays the most crucial parameters. It can be customized depending on users’ needs and besides that by using the filter, users can generate their desired data.  Apart from these features, there are many other features that will be released soon to enhance the user experience in the maximum possible way.


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